Prevent customer churn and grow revenue using AI 

Experience true customer intelligence —from data, not opinions — so you can proactively reach your goals.


No more stressed, reactive, last-minute firefights to save a customer.
Give your team an early warning dashboard in 3 easy steps:

Unify your data

Within 7 days, all of your disparate and messy data is unified by our proprietary AI. No tedious field mapping, and no coding.

Prevent churn

Within 14 days, our 9Factor™ AI models will deliver the most complete, accurate and predictive customer risk profile available on the market.

Take action

With our Early Warning Dashboard — your team gets intuitive simplicity, automated CS best practices, and actionable insights.

You don't need to spend three months cleaning your data

Your messy data is unified automatically by our AI in less than two weeks.
No tedious field mapping, no engineering time, and no coding. Guaranteed.


See our AI customer intelligence platform in action:


Prevent churn immediately with the most automated and intuitive tool on the market

Usable from the first moment, your team will be preventing churn and pinpointing expansion in minutes not weeks.


An early warning dashboard 
backed by the most highly
trained and accurate AI models

With an average 86% accuracy within 14 days and 90%+ in 60 days, your team gets ahead of churn as quickly as possible.


Automated best practices give you better results in less time 

Your account managers don't need more clicks, or more manual data entry. Our AI automates and learns from industry best practices, then delivers simple prioritization for your team.

Why an AI-powered Solution is Needed


Customer data is distributed, messy and qualitative.
And that's not going to change.

Usable from the first moment, your team will be preventing churn and expanding revenue in minutes not weeks

Don't ignore or get lost
in qualitative data -
make sense of it.

Account management is inherently qualitative, and AI enables teams to view risk based on every single data point.


Onboarding is a breeze, and teams love


CSAT of 97%+
NPS of 78

Our NPS is +36 points over the average B2B software NPS of 42.


Onboard in under
one week

We have 99% of team members onboarded in 5.6 days.

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Unlimited training
and support

Teams typically are fully running after one quick session.

Some of the best companies use us:

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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"Customers are like snowflakes, they are all unique. From company culture to business strategy to maturity of processes and more, they all have different outcome expectations at any given time. helps CSMs pinpoint every customer's unique needs for current and future value delivery. Simply put, helps you deliver an amazing experience to your customers so that they can deliver an amazing experience to their customers.

What is doing is game-changing for the Customer Success community!"

Mary Poppen

Chief Customer Officer, Glint at LinkedIn

Former Chief Customer Officer, SAP Cloud and SuccessFactors



Go live in two weeks.

No engineers and no data cleanup required.

 Increase ROI by 11X

Average churn reduction of 16%, which translates to ~$44M in life time customer revenue.

Usable on day one.

No clunky implementation or clunky workflow changes for your team.

Automate manual tasks.

Actionable insights and automation from 120MM data.