Early Warning Dashboard to Predict Customer Churn and Growth

Our AI-based approach unifies all customer data and can predict in advance who is likely to churn and who is headed to success.


Artificial Intelligence

Recommendations based on data not opinions

We identify churn risks and recommend upsell opportunities to help you scale customer success.
We find hidden signals and notify your account managers so they can see what they’re missing.
We integrate with all of your data sources so client success has complete information to drive customer growth.
We extract data from existing customer interactions so your team doesn't have to manually update forms.

Working from home has changed things

In a world of remote employees, you can't rely on traditional systems to accurately predict customer health.

The signals you need are hidden inside systems like Salesforce, ServiceNow, Ticketing platforms, and Email, in addition to direct feedback from your team.

Finding them is painful.

Analyzing them at scale? It’s impossible.

Too many churn surprises

There is no early warning system for predicting “red/yellow/green” customers. It is hard to predict in advance which customers will churn and which ones will buy more products.

Difficult to maintain relationships with key decision makers

You have strong relationships with your large enterprise customers but have much higher churn with your small and medium businesses.

Decisions based on gut feel and intuition

Your customer health is very dependent on what your account manager last heard or remembered.
Our founders previously built a successful SaaS company and had the same challenges as you.

Customers turning red with no warning, too many accounts in yellow, and health scoring based on criteria that are hard to pre-determine.

They discovered the only sustainable way to scale customer success is to leverage AI to predict customer churn and remove subjectivity.

  • Integrates with your existing workflowWe unify data from multiple platforms and work in the background so you don’t have to change your existing tools or workflows.
  • The latest in artificial intelligenceWe extract, categorize and automatically enrich your content using natural language processing AI technology to make it easy to analyze.
  • Safe and secureYou data is kept separate from other customers and always encrypted. We remove all private data before we process it, and both physical and digital access are restricted.

Delivering insights for great customers

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