Early Warning System for Efficient Growth

Predict churn, get visibility to retain customers, prioritize accounts to increase upsells, and grow revenue


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Recommendations based on data not opinions

Drive growth, efficiently

Increase Revenue


Increase retention & expansion

Reduce Costs


Scale through automation & prioritization

Grow Pipeline


Find upsells & whitespace to go deeper & wider in accounts

Don’t have unified customer data?

Get complete visibility of your customers by unifying all your fragmented data so you can scale your customer experience.

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Can’t identify churn risk or upsells?

Sentiment analyses deliver accurate customer health, helping you identify churn risk and upsell/ cross-sell opportunities way before they happen. 

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Can’t scale processes?

Historical data analysis creates recommended Segmentation and Benchmarking to identify leading indicators.

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involve.ai unifies all customer data to generate Customer Intelligence

Can’t prioritize or be proactive?

Personalized recommendations for action across the entire customer journey to know exactly which customers to prioritize every day and become proactive.

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involve.ai customer health dashboard gives users clarity and complate visibility to all customer accounts

Not data-driven, rely on gut?

A complete ‘no-code’ & Data Science as a Service™ Platform, so you don’t need technical resources or expensive data scientists.

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involve.ai Customer Health Dashboard to show early churn indicators
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involve.ai provides recommended actions to help customer teams collaborate

Can’t scale collaboration & workflows?

Deliver a seamless customer experience through Cross-functional team and
customer Collaboration, all on the
same platform.

Safe and secure

Your data is kept separate from other customers and always encrypted. We remove all private data before we process it, and both physical and digital access is restricted.

Works with disparate data systems

We extract, categorize and automatically enrich your data using natural language processing AI technology to make it easy to analyze. Get started in minutes, not months.

Integrates with your existing workflow

We unify data from multiple platforms and work in the background, so you don’t have to change your existing tools or workflows. Works perfectly with Salesforce.


This changes the game for everyone on your team


“Without involve and its team, we wouldn’t have had the insights and decision-making confidence that enabled significant customer retention and growth strategy for us.”

Jason Wesbecher 
Chief Revenue Officer

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