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Assembly AI unifies and leverages their scattered data with

Who is Assembly AI?

Assembly AI is an applied artificial intelligence company. The company uses the latest deep learning technology to build practical products that bring futuristic ideas to life. Their team includes researchers, engineers, and designers who have worked at some of the largest technology companies worldwide. Assembly AI believes that cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology should not be limited to only those with the funding or resources to invest in it.

Messy Data

The main challenge for Assembly AI was customer retention. With scattered data across multiple systems, their Account Managers struggled to determine their customer's health and keep up with customer sentiments. They became reactive to churn and often overlooked early churn signs. Without an Early Warning System to predict high-risk customers, the Assembly AI team had to rely solely on each rep’s rep subjectivity and judgment.


Unified & Insightful unified all scattered data and gave Assembly AI team access to customer health, early churn signs, and expansion indicators. This customer intelligence is accessible to all members and shared across the organization. Indirectly, the shared knowledge has also fostered a data-driven culture in the company.


The team became more effective in decision-making using the data insights instead of relying on their gut. They also uncover deep insights to help them predict their customer’s needs and understand customer sentiment more thoroughly. With these insights, their team reaches out to prospects more proactively and takes the initiative to drive revenue growth.


For example, Assembly AI was able to  

  1. Identify indicators of customer churn (3 - 6 months in advance)

  2. Find trends across the customer base 

  3. Capture renewal opportunities more promptly

  4. Streamline workflow and increase visibility

  5. Reduce time spent and improve efficiency


The AI model automated all manual and tedious tasks so that CSMs can focus on working proactively and building strong connections with their customers. These early indicators gave Assembly AI a deep understanding of their customers and detailed action plans to execute. With these tools, they were able to provide a phenomenal customer experience.

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