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Join the World’s Best Companies When You Use

Finally, a customer intelligence platform that puts you and customer success in one place

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Drive ARR and NRR Growth with Customer Intelligence

Smarter data drives customer & revenue growth. Our forecast data, automated workflows, and data-backed success recommendations tell you exactly what your customers want.


Make “going elsewhere” completely unthinkable.

Improve Efficiency with One Unified Dashboard

Get complete visibility into all customers, AI-powered health scores, and advance churn alerts. Collaborate with your teams across the entire customer journey, whether someone is new, deeply brand-loyal, or at-risk. 


No one knows better than you that every moment counts.

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Prevent Churn with
Actionable Insights

Start your day with dynamically updated customer health scores so you know exactly where your efforts are needed - and check back often for continued insights.


Every customer should feel like your favorite customer. With, they’ll remember you for life.

Capture Expansion with Customer Intelligence

Instantly recognize customer trends, potential problems, and revenue opportunities so you can pinpoint expansion and drive revenue growth.


You should never be the last to know. Leave that to your competitors.

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The platform has been AICPA SOC2 certified by meeting the most stringent compliance standards possible, ensuring that your data is always completely safe.

Your Data is 100% Safe

Your customer data is sacred, that’s why security is our #1 priority

Totally Secure

The platform is built on a completely secure architecture and hosted only in the United States.


Your data is protected using key management services with strong audit logs.

Fully Encrypted

By default, all data is encrypted at rest and in transit for all our customers.


Only authorized people have access to data using features like Single Sign-On.

100% Private

No customer data is ever commingled, with unique instances for every client.


All sensitive data is encrypted and tokenized before running any machine learning on it.





Over Industry Average



Most teams are up and running after just one session

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Single Sign On

Scalability & Uptime

A standardized, centralized login infrastructure to manage access and ensure  security. 

99.5%+ uptime to-date with dynamically scaling servers so you can count on your dashboard being available whenever you need it. 

Access Controls

Fully Audited

Admins easily ensure that customer data insights are limited to only the users with a need. 

Detailed audit trails for every activity ensure your data is being accessed according to company policy.

The insights are yours for the taking!

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