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Your customer success is our customer success 

We're dedicated to supercharging your team with AI, so they can focus on what matters — going above and beyond for your clients.

Onboarding is a breeze, and teams love Involve.ai:

CSAT of 97%+
NPS of 78

Our NPS is +36 points over the average B2B software NPS of 42.

Onboard in under
one week

We have 99%+ of team members onboarding in 5.6 days.

Unlimited training
and support

Teams typically are fully running after one quick session

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Return on investment

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​Average churn reduction of 16%, which translates to $44M in life time customer revenue.

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Increase in company valuation with increase in net retention

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Help customers find expansion opportunity worth 12% of their renewal base


Total Churn Prevented


Total Expansion Growth

An Online Visibility Management Platform uses involve.ai to do a retro analysis of 66,000 customers to always figure out which KPI’s cause churn. They found when projects go from 5-3 and usage drops by 34%, there is a 95% of churn risk.

A Labor Market Analytics Tool uses involve.ai to monitor customer health, create weekly team reports, quarterly exec and board reports on what churn risk and expansion opportunities are, and predictions for next quarter.

"Customers are like snowflakes, they are all unique. From company culture to business strategy to maturity of processes and more, they all have different outcome expectations at any given time.Involve.ai helps CSMs pinpoint every customer's unique needs for current and future value delivery. Simply put, Involve.ai helps you deliver an amazing experience to your customers so that they can deliver an amazing experience to their customers.What Involve.ai is doing is game-changing for the Customer Success community!"

Mary Poppen | Chief Customer Officer | Glint, at LinkedIn

“involve.ai is an innovative platform that is creating the future of customer success: predictive insights derived from all of our customer data. Their early warning dashboard is incredibly intuitive and has helped us to considerably bolster our customer retention and growth.”

Dave Williams | VP of Customer Success | Emsi

We support customers of any size:
We are enterprise-ready

Access Controls

Admins can restrict access so customer data insights are limited to users with a need to access. 

Scalability and Uptime

Our dynamic servers scale as needed and we have a at least 99.5% uptime to-date, so you can count on involve.ai to be available when you need it. 

Single Sign On

Enable single sign on to manage access and security from a centralized login infrastructure. 

Scalability and Uptime

See a detailed audit trail for every activity as needed, to ensure your data is being accessed according to company policy.

SOC 2 Certified

involve.ai achieves key compliance controls and objects to ensure the security, confidentiality, and privacy of your data.