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Growth and Expansion Focused 
How Emailage grew Net Dollar Retention and customer teams with

Who Is Emailage?

Emailage is a global leader in fraud prevention and risk management. Through key partnerships, proprietary data, and advanced machine-learning technology, Emailage provides multi-faceted predictive solutions with email at the core.  

Siloed Data is Wasted Data

Before, Emailage’s customer data was wildly scattered across departments, which hindered them from getting a deep understanding of customer experience and their behaviors throughout the journey.


As a fast-growing global tech firm, understanding and recognizing customer sentiment was critical for their growth and scalability. They needed an early warning dashboard to better prevent customer churn and capture expansion opportunities.  

Connecting the Dots helps unify messy data and yield true customer intelligence for Emailage. Such that, Emailage became more action-oriented, data-driven, and proactive toward preventing churn and capturing upsells.


With the actionable insights, the executive team is not only able to predict when a customer might be about to leave or ready for upselling, but they can also strategically manage where money is being spent and on what fronts. As a result, Emailage successfully scaled their net dollar retention (NDR) and customer teams with


“Our churn reduced significantly after the first 3 months of using the product. The software is extremely powerful and impactful for our team. serves as a single source of truth for our CSMs to manage customer accounts and help them stay ahead of churn and turn at-risk accounts into expansion opportunities.”

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Rei Carvalho

Former CEO of Emailage

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