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Emsi improves annual revenue retention and scalability with

Who Is Emsi?

Emsi Burning Glass is a labor market analytics firm using data to drive economic prosperity. They collect and integrate complex labor market data and build user-friendly tools to help businesses understand your region’s employment, economic trends, and training needs. They work with clients in higher education, workforce development, economic development, site selection, and talent acquisition.  

The Missing Piece

At Emsi, churn was the #1 challenge. The company had a 98% annual revenue retention with a 1.5% logo churn, reportedly. Their goal was to get the yearly revenue retention over 100%. To hit this quarterly goal, they need to focus on automation to streamline CS and become more efficient across all departments.


Another struggle was leveraging their data insights to get customers on the right track across franchises and the rest of the portfolio. They wanted to understand customer journeys and identify active/churn customer profiles.

Insights, Automation, Scalability

The Customer Intelligence Platform enables Emsi leaders to have a holistic view of all accounts and the potential growth opportunities. The management can focus on planning growth strategies while each CS rep doubles down on fighting churn and turning at-risk accounts into raving fans.


With, Emsi 

  1. Instantly recognize customer trends, anticipate potential problems, uncover revenue opportunities, and send data-backed success recommendations to their frontline Customer Success Managers

  2. Increase retention, capture upgrades, and drive annual revenue retention growth to the next level

  3. Streamline CS workload and create synergy through SmartFlows and Early Warning Dashboard takes care of all tedious and manual back-end tasks to ensure that the company no longer has to spend hours retrieving data and worry about finding the right insights. captures both quantitative and qualitative information to get the most accurate predictions and customer profiles for Emsi. With these prescriptive insights and predictions, the company is one step closer to achieving its growth goal with these prescriptive insights and predictions.

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