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  • What if I have too little data?
    We recommend providing at least 1 year of historical data so we can generate trends around your customers' behavior. If you have too little data, our Data Science team will typically recommend attaining more data to increase the accuracy of your predictions. This can be expanded upon during your consultation with one of our data experts.
  • I have bad/messy/incomplete data- will this still work for me? specializes in unifying data, and it’s actually very rare to have perfect data. As you map your data, you’ll be partnered with a Data Science Consultant to sort through the data, fill in faps, give context and work out any kinks.
  • Pros/Cons of building an in-house solution vs.
    AI and machine learning models require ongoing support, maintenance, and improvements for accurate predictions. already has patented models with very high prediction accuracy that analyze millions of data points daily. Read about how one of our customers went with after initially formulating their own in-house solution.
  • My data is in my proprietary software, will you be able to access it?
    If the data in your proprietary software is also pushed to a data warehouse or a CRM, we should be able to retrieve your data. Visit our integrations page to see a full list of available options
  • Do I need my engineering team to help set this up?
    No, so long as you have admin access to the data sources you’d like to connect or know who on your team does, everything can be set up directly on the platform. You can test out how easy our data mapping tool is in this quick demo.

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