Many Gainsight customers have approached us in the past, wanting simplified visibility into their customer accounts.

CS_Wix Blog (1200 x 630 px).gif’s patented artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms can unify your data across your entire tech stack. Your data is then organized and displayed in one beautiful and comprehensive dashboard.

Our early warning dashboard will show you your most important KPIs and calculate a unique customer health score for each of your clients. This health score will show Customer Success Managers, Account Managers, and other Customer Owners precisely what clients need a little attention to prevent them from churning and what clients are ready to expand. 


This AI-driven platform requires no heavy lift from your team, no lengthy onboarding, and no coding from you whatsoever. Our dashboard is as straightforward as they come, making it easy to implement across departments and the perfect tool to help your teams with client prioritization and visibility.

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