Many thanks for registering for the webinar “ A Recipe for High Retention: Personalized and Frictionless” with our partners ChurnZero. I hope you have received the recording by now and let me know if you haven’t. 


Could we interest you in a demo of Even if you have a customer success platform, here are a few use cases that may resonate with you to set up a demo with us:


  •  Need to connect all their customer interaction data and set it in a unified view OR

  •  Are prepping for a funding round and need their customer data to be meaningful OR

  •  Doing an M & A and need to unify data quickly OR

  •  New Head of Revenue or Success and needs tools to scale and grow customer revenue AND/OR

  • Reducing churn is a corporate goal AND/OR

  • Have an existing Customer Success platform but need a Customer "Blue Book" to have a view of customers that's based on data science and AI/ML than human instinct based scoring

  • Growing fast and need scalability in their Customer Success team fast


We learn throughout our lives except for a short break at school. ( I think George Bernard Shaw said this) I am confident a conversation with our Customer Success Platform specialists will be a good use of your time.

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