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5 Ways Makes CS Team Heroes’s platform offers total data visibility that empowers Customer Success Managers and Representatives with the most transparent customer insights and action items. Our customer dashboard and workspaces help CS teams proactively identify risk, capture expansion opportunities, and understand overall customer sentiment. Here are five ways makes CS teams heroes:

Identify risk clients early to maintain NRR’s health score can accurately predict customer sentiment three months in advance. Understanding customer’s health score gives you complete visibility into how your customers are interacting with your products/services and who may be at risk for churning. This early detection helps CS reps engage customers and launch a proactive course correction. Anticipating your customer needs before it’s too late is critical to growing your Net Revenue Retention.

Straightforward client prioritization In a sea of customer emails, phone calls, and various touchpoints, provides a lighthouse. CS representatives are well-known multi-taskers; one minute, they’re troubleshooting a potential bug, and the next minute, they’re having a difficult conversation to align client expectations. With your customers each having their health score, each will indicate if they’re likely to renew, expand, churn, or should simply be monitored. Whether you have ten customers or 100s to manage, CS reps will have a straightforward way to filter and prioritize their customers easily through this breakdown.

Keeping tasks on track with workspaces’s platform is equipped with workspaces- a powerful tool to keep CS teams organized and ensure your top action items get completed. Workspaces help manage the nitty-gritty of a CS person’s day-to-day, so your reps can focus on those customer relationships and keep their tasks and metrics on track. While a CS team’s priority is a strong customer relationship, they’ll also need to keep their touchpoints at the forefront to meet their goal metrics. There is no limit to how many workspaces you can create, meaning you’re able to create a Workspace to help manage a specific process, like onboarding or a particular client. This tool is perfect for ensuring nothing gets missed and all your actions tie back to your customer data and health score.

Creating the best customer experience through cross-department collaboration

Customer Success teams are highly collaborative with other departments, as they are essentially a company’s first line of defense and catch-all for customer questions, concerns, and feedback. When working within an Workspace, you’re free to assign tasks across all participating departments. This ability to communicate easily across departments means that if a bug appears for a customer and you’re able to replicate it, you can quickly assign it for QA testing and review, all while including as much context within the task as you’d like. Quickly assigning a task across departments enables a more accurate flow of information, collaboration, and customer resources; this is especially true for the sales to CS handoff process and can help with multiple transitions along the way.

Using AI-driven action items with Suggestions

Customer-centric suggestions are available within workspaces. These suggestions are auto-generated and data-driven action items that help CS reps act on their customer health scores, which help answer the question… what next?

Suggestions will offer action items, such as, “Find some time to connect with the executive sponsor” and “reach out to General Motors about an expansion strategy or to upsell additional seats.” Each suggestion will explain why this would be a significant next customer interaction. Overall, suggestions allow CS reps to be proactive in customer engagement and focus on the most impactful actions.’s platform is all about understanding your customer data and taking the most effective actions; based on your data AND industry trends. This year, we’ll release some exciting updates to grow your customer insights further and optimize your customer experience, so stay tuned.


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