A Strategic Thinker and a Lifelong Learner: Growth Stories Podcast

Updated: Aug 30

Jeremy Uniacke, Vice President Information Technology at Thryv, joins the Growth Stories podcast today. Jeremy grew up in a small town in Michigan and talks about how many of the locals spent their time. While Jeremy enjoyed some of those activities, his love for computer science grew. After accepting a scholarship to the honors college at Michigan State University (Go Green! We have a few ties to MSU at involve.ai), Jeremy was able to design his own undergrad program, majoring in both Computer Science and Mathematics, and minoring in both Sociology and Philosophy. One thing Jeremy lives by is to never stop learning. Talk about a brilliant mind!

When it comes to entering the system design or system architecture space, Jeremy's advice is to figure out how to simplify your explanations, find out who the decision makers are to support the change, and make sure your UI is right!

This intriguing episode spans a variety of stories and topics - Gaurav and Jeremy even chat a bit about the work that Jeremy's daughter is doing in bioinformatics, a combination of computer science and biology! Don't miss out and stream this episode on your favorite podcast platform.

Jeremy Uniacke is the Vice President of IT responsible for the Back-end Application stack, HR, Finance, Infrastructure, Security and IT Audit functions at Thryv. His career spans over 25 years, with a focus on application architecture and business integration, across the advertising and automotive industries. He first got interested in computers and coding at 7, when his Dad said got him an Apple 2, no games, and a book on coding in BASIC. Today, you can find Jeremy, his wife, and their two cats in the Detroit area enjoying 3 of the 4 seasons outdoors, while hibernating in the winter.

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