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Analytics and Customer Insights to Drive Sales - Future of the subscription economy

We hope you are attending the upcoming Recurring Revenue conference, where you'll learn how to grow your business with cloud-based solutions. The event will take place on Thursday 23rd of June 2022 in Culver City (Los Angeles area). This is one top 10 international SaaS conferences! Organized by Sutton Partners.

A few sessions that got our attention:

PANEL: Analytics and Customer Insights to Drive Sales Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble who will be the moderator, Saumya Bhatnagar, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer and Emad Hasan, Founder & CEO at Retina

Sales and customer insight is the key to understanding your customers. This panel will discuss how analytics, machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence software can provide you with valuable information about who they are as well what their needs may be in order for them continue purchasing from us or not

Nick Mehta, CEO, Gainsight,'s partner will be in conversation with Brett Queener, Bonfire Ventures ( is a Bonfire Ventures company!)

Neha Sampat, CEO, Contentstack will talk about "Moving from Startup to ScaleUp". I am particularly interest the concept of this keynote. "StartUps take pride in their scrappiness. They hustle, and, many times, make up the rules as they go. ScaleUps focus on change management and prioritize people and processes to build sustainable growth. "

The one day conference has a lot of other great sessions that you can check out here.

If you are attending the Recurring Revenue Conference please say hello to Saumya and ask her about Customer Health Scoring Ingredients of They are a secret but not a secret!

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