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Boost Your Brand Loyalty with an Online Community

Updated: May 18, 2022

Webinar Update - We have a new guest speaker joining us!

Nádia is a Senior Global Program Manager at LinkedIn, and has been leading the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Community for the past 3+ years.

She currently owns a global program and leads an end-to-end strategy that involves working with global XFN partners and Senior Leadership, across Customer Success, Sales, Marketing, Legal, Product and Engineering.

Some of her key focus areas include leading an external platform for voice of customer and peer-to-peer interaction to support product engagement and drive user adoption; manage all operations of the program; and provide regular metrics reviews to understand the impact of the Community platform on the business.

Join our session with

  • Brigid Colver - Senior Community Manager at

  • Nádia Vieira - Senior Global Program and Community Manager at LinkedIn

  • Joe Huber - Consultant and Former Customer Community Strategist at Sprout Social

Learn how companies can leverage those communities to better user experience, increase customer retention, and drive revenue growth.


  1. How a community can support your company's goals

  2. Three ways to align cross-functionally to optimize your community

  3. Best practices around community engagement

  4. How communities are shaping the future

If you can’t make the webinar, you can still register, and we will send you the recording. Watch at a time convenient for you!


About Our Speakers

Brigid Colver has worked in Customer Success for almost ten years, building resources and channels to support customers at SaaS companies like SAP, Glint, LinkedIn, and now She enjoys celebrating customer stories and bringing clients together, but also sees community as an essential delivery channel for customer resources and support.

Joe Huber is a community leader based out of the Chicago area. He's worked primarily with B2B SaaS companies to help their customers better understand their products and designed linear journeys to make the customer experience that much better.He's married to Bliss Billingsley and together they have a daughter and a dog. When he's not working or doing voiceovers, he's camping, fishing, writing, or creating something.



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