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Cultivating Community, Culture, and Customer Success: Growth Stories Podcast

Jeff Yeger, VP of Customer Success at PeerSpot, joins us this episode of the Growth Stories Podcast. Jeff grew up in the tri-state NY/NJ area and at 18, he moved to Israel to learn about his roots and his Orthodox Jewish upbringing. Jeff has made Israel his home ever since!

While at PeerSpot, Jeff's life has developed in every way, and he points out that leadership trusting each other to be creative and to do the right thing has made the culture so successful.

Jeff's advice to others in Customer Success, "If you understand the person behind the logo - what they're about and what their KPIs are, what worries them, what their manager thinks about - you're gonna be a much more effective CSM."

Watch all of Jeff's story so you don't miss a word from this compelling Growth Stories episode. Thank you, Jeff, for joining the Growth Stories Podcast!

Jeff Yeger is the VP of Customer Success at PeerSpot, the leading Enterprise Tech reviews platform. He’s spent the last decade delighting customers with his human-first, high-touch approach to Customer Success. He’s all about meeting the person behind the logo, helping every individual with their needs and goals. In addition to Customer Success Jeff spent 3 years as a tank commander, is a dad of 3 and would love to discuss the proper use of a table saw.


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