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Cultivating Your Career: Aimie Vargas, VP of Customer Success

Aimie grew up an Army brat living on military bases both inside and outside of the U.S., which gave her a unique perspective on constantly adapting to new environments. Aimie was initially recruited into a sales position where she was put through a rigorous training process to get a firm grasp of the business, market, and that industry.

It wasn’t until later on that she made the decision to settle down instead of taking every opportunity offered to her. After several years of overseas living, Aimie's career transitioned into tech, to where she is today at Zift Solutions. Aimie demonstrates her leadership by her ability to get in the weeds, all while holding strategic vision for the future.

Listen to Aimie's full Growth Story episode and hear more on her journey from sales to customer success, and other challenges Aimie has overcome!

Aimie Vargas is a strategic thinker who leads by example with a long history of delivering exceptional sales results, GTM strategy and sales leadership through a metrics driven approach. Aimie has expertise in driving revenue, scaling teams and deep understanding of SaaS companies market makes Aimie a key contributor across all aspects of the business.


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