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Discovering the Next Generation of Voices in Customer Success: Growth Stories

Alex Farmer, VP of Customer Success at Cognite, brings his great sense of humor to share what he's learned throughout his career, and what he anticipates the future of customer success will look like. In fact, Alex is so passionate about the customer success industry that he created Customer Success Excellence, the world's first awards program dedicated to customer success, and a way to identify the next generation of deserving voices in the CS space.

Alex recounts a few valuable insights he's learned during his career, and if you'd like read about them, visit this LinkedIn article he recently wrote, 'Eight Lessons From the First Decade of my Career.'

Catch the full video of this Growth Stories episode here, or stream it wherever you get your podcasts.

Alex Farmer is the founder and CEO of Customer Success Excellence. Alex is currently VP of Customer Success at Cognite, an Oslo-based DataOps scale-up, and was also recently named a 2021 Top 25 Customer Success Influencer by SuccessCOACHING. Prior to this, Alex served as VP of European Sales and Customer Success at Incopro, a brand protection technology company, where he led the global customer success, partnerships, onboarding, training, and support functions and the EMEA sales team. Earlier in his career, Alex built the customer success function at HR tech scale-up Fairsail which became one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the UK and was acquired by Sage in March 2017 to form Sage People. He is originally from San Francisco but is located in London. is an early warning system to identify risk and expansion opportunities in your customer base. This results in complete visibility into your customers, identification of risk and upsell opportunities as well as an ability to scale account management.


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