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Finding Hidden Customer Revenue Using Data Science

Updated: Sep 8, 2022 Webinar: How C-Level Executives Use Customer Intelligence & Machine Learning with Human Creativity

We’ve invited data scientists, Adam Sauter, Manager of Data Science Services & Support, and Ella Lucas, Machine Learning Engineer, to show us how to uncover customer revenue we might not yet see.

Find out what’s really happening behind those numbers and what you should keep doing, stop doing, or start doing to maintain or improve your outcomes.

Be sure to register so you don't miss out on this insightful conversation Thursday, September 15th, 12 PM - 1 PM PST.


About Our Speakers

Ella Lucas is an Engineering Team Lead at specializing in the platform's Machine Learning solutions. She is responsible for the creation and maintenance of customer intelligence focused AI algorithms that provide actionable insights to the client base.

Adam Sauter works at as the Manager of Data Science Services & Support helping our customers make the most out of their customer success data by interpreting and consulting on results processed through our AI systems.


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