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Holding onto a Vision to Build a Legacy: Growth Stories

Paul Arambul, Jr. first met with's co-founders Gaurav and Saumya in a coffee shop in San Diego and is one of the originals, helping close some of our biggest deals. He is the Sr. Director, Business Development, and today, Paul shares his insights on the Growth Stories podcast.

Growing up in Wapato, Washington on the Yakama Indian Reservation in the Valley, Paul learned the value of a strong work ethic early on when he helped his Grandfather work the farm.

Being the first in his family to go to college, Paul's ability to connect with and help others propelled him from living in his car to having property investments and building a vision to cement his legacy. Paul's advice is to "trust your instincts - don't be afraid to fail. You'll regret not taking the opportunities that may be out there."

Watch this inspiring Growth Stories episode here, or stream on your favorite platform!

Paul Arambul, Jr. is the Sr. Director of Business Development for, where he gets to work with corporations to solve their customer churn and renewal challenges while making it cost-effective. Connect with Paul to learn how your company can start offering solutions to keep and build your revenue. is an early warning system to identify risk and expansion opportunities in your customer base. This results in complete visibility into your customers, identification of risk and upsell opportunities as well as an ability to scale account management.

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