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How Health Score Ingredients are Demystifying Artificial Intelligence uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to calculate your customer health scores, but what exactly does this mean? Are the models that calculate my customer health score the same as the ones that calculate my competitors’ or my colleagues’ health scores? What is the AI taking into consideration for my business and how can I trust what I see?

Health Score Ingredients is here to help answer these questions and more. Let’s take a look under the hood of what our AI is telling you.

What are Health Score Ingredients?

Just this month, is rolling out a new feature called Health Score Ingredients. This feature is broken down into three parts: how your health score is calculated, your health score features, and your customer segments.

Let’s start with how your health score is calculated:

When you begin your journey with, our team takes a look at all of your data. Then, our model takes a look at your data.

What’s so powerful about AI is that it’s able to identify what affects your customers the most, based on understanding what your data is showing, your different customer profiles (think expansion/churn profiles), and all correlations in between. With Health Score Ingredients, you’ll be able to see the weight that each of your data components contributes to the overall health and well-being of your customer. Being able to see and understand what components are the most impactful, will help your teams focus their time and energy on what makes the most impact.

Identifying the Data you Have

For a quick glance at what data you already have connected and what’s pending, you’ll be able to take a look at your Health Score Features:

Your green checkmarks will show you exactly what’s pulling in and your red x’s will show you what data you have yet to incorporate. You won’t need a 100% score here for the model to calculate your health score or your ingredients, but the more data components you have, the fuller the picture you’ll receive.

AI and How it’s Grouping Your Customers Together

For the most part, the above two sections will be for quick reference and understanding of what data is being pulled into your customer health score. Your data segments are much more thorough and can even be downloaded as a result.

Segments group your customers together based on the similarities that our model identifies between them. These similarities can be ARR, company size, interaction frequency, and more. This is a great visual tool that will help you better understand and target your customers based on their groupings.

For example, in the image above, 12 customers have been identified to be similar in segment two. This segment will show you unique details about that group; like what products are they using and what is the average deal size of these customers. You’ll also be able to see what high, medium and low benchmarks look like for that particular segment.

Everyone’s Health Score Ingredients page will be different because the way that your customers interact with your product and services is unique to the data you have and the platform you’ve built. Your Health Score Ingredients are here to remind you that AI does not believe in one size fits all and it’s more than ready to put in the work to show you.



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