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How to Build and Run Customer Success Teams - Growth Stories

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Join Gaurav on this episode of Growth Stories as he chats with Mike Sasaki and Rachel Jugai of Miktek Systems about building effective Customer Success teams. You'll hear about Mike's hiring philosophy as VP and global head of Customer Success, and what kind of talent he looks for in candidates. Rachel, Head of North America Customer Success at Mitek, tells us how she's navigated through difficult customers or situations.

Be sure to catch this entire episode to learn from these two impactful leaders of Customer Succes! Thank you Mike and Rachel joining the Growth Stories Podcast.

Mike Sasaki is Vice President, Global Head of Customer Success & Support at Mitek - partnering with customers and partners to achieve their business objectives through optimal use of Mitek products. Mitek's Global Customer Success and Support drives long-lasting relationships, and evangelizes the customer and partner perspective within Mitek. With over 15+ years of experience in SaaS/Customer Success (CallidusCloud and Oracle), Mike has worked with some of the largest brands around the globe.

Rachel Jugai, head of North America Customer Success at Mitek Systems, has been in the customer success space for almost eight years. Rachel studied broadcast journalism and incorporates that in her software career from training to customer support. Rachel has gone from being an associate CSM to Mitek's, North America CS leader in just a short time.


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