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How to create customer advocates: the 5 P's

A framework for Customer Intelligence’s CCO, Mary Poppen, recently shared to our Customer Intelligence Community about a framework she introduced in her recent book Goodbye Churn. Hello Growth!

This framework, the 5 P’s, pulls together the what, why, when and how of creating customers who are successful, thrilled, and loyal - customer advocates - by aligning the right people, processes, and technology to deliver them real value.

The P’s themselves are both outcomes of Customer Intelligence - a data-driven understanding of one’s customers - as well as best practices for structuring customer-centric and scalable programming that creates real value for customers, driving loyalty and advocacy.

How Customer Intelligence creates customer advocates

So what are these P’s and why do they matter? Personalized, Proactive, Prescriptive, Predictive Playbooks. Many customer teams rely on playbooks – what to do in the cases of reduced health, drops in revenue, etc. Imagine how much more impact such plays have when they take place before health shifts or revenue contracts (proactive and predictive) and when they provide custom guidance for that specific customer (personalized and prescriptive).

These tenets of success, based on data, complement and build off of one another. They lay an iterative groundwork for more and more trust and, ultimately, advocacy.

Read Mary’s account to learn more about each tenet of this framework, and to weigh in with the frameworks that help you structure your own customer programs.

Interested in bringing a proactive, personalized, prescriptive and predictive set of plays to life for your business? Book a demo to learn how can help.



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