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How to Keep Your Customers Hooked with Compelling Brand Stories

Raj Khera, Managing Partner at, joined our bi-weekly webinar to cultivate our storytelling capabilities with captivating stories and compelling advice on why storytelling matters. Raj shared both memorable and bite-sized micro stories that left us inspired! Be sure to watch this webinar and our past webinars on our YouTube channel.

In this webinar, Raj explained:

Why your brand is not the hero.

The client is the hero and the center of the story. The story should be about the client, not you.

  1. Start with what the client's life is like now (the problem)

  2. Add "wow factor" how their life can change (you be their guide)

  3. Aftermath, how your client's life can be (overcoming the villain)

Important questions you should ask to find patterns and stories to tell:

  1. "The last time your client logged in, what were they looking to do?"

  2. "When X happens, what else happens?

  3. “How have your clients reacted since our implementation?”

  4. Internal staff: What did you hear from our clients today?


About Our Speakers

Raj Khera is a past CEO and CMO of several SaaS businesses, growing them to successful multi-million dollar exits. He is now a Growth Advisor to B2B SaaS companies and Publisher of where his personal goal is to provide content, training, and resources to help 250 entrepreneurs become millionaires within 5 years of starting their business. Raj holds a couple of degrees in electrical engineering and serves on a few boards. His favorite activity is being a dad.

Shashi Bellamkonda is the VP of Marketing at He is known by many as the “social media swami”, and is a marketing leader who has worked with many entrepreneurs and local businesses and taught Digital Marketing Strategy and Marketing Analytics at Georgetown University as an adjunct professor. Shashi has been called the most customer-obsessed marketing leader and continues to educate himself on technology.


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