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How we use health scores cross-functionally at BentoBox

Hi all! I’m Lauren Byrd, Director of Customer Success for BentoBox. We help restaurants achieve success by building their online presence, supporting everything from marketing to online ordering and point of sale services with a 5x ROI average.

We have worked with for nearly two years and I recently met with members of our account team to talk about our use cases. They encouraged me to share these ideas more broadly and I’m always happy to help others who are blazing the Customer Intelligence trail. Ways we are using cross-functionally Customer Success This is my team! We were the impetus behind the initial partnership with involve ai because we needed to understand the early drivers of churn. As a long-tail business with many small accounts, we needed a way to prioritize risk and scale our CSMs, so a few years ago we attempted to build our own version of data-driven churn prediction. It ended up hovering around a 50% accuracy rate, which meant we were doing a lot of work to essentially flip a coin. When we found, the predictive capability was much more accurate, allowing us to focus our CS resources on effective risk reduction. This is still my team’s primary use, and we are happy with it. However, since is the only platform BentoBox uses which brings together such a holistic view of the data, almost every department has begun pulling the health score into their reports for use in some way. Marketing Our Marketing team uses health scores to guide their outreach. They are careful to avoid customers with low health in some of their campaigns and alternatively, target particular product users and health levels with new feature adoption and market research activities. Product The product team looks at health score, product usage, and products owned when seeking out use cases that will help them better develop our platform. They focus on higher health customers to help them craft new features and seek out customers with low health to understand pain points and improvement opportunities. Sales Sales and the CS team together have started to see the potential of when it comes to identifying expansion opportunities. For example, we run weekly “Power Half Hours” – 30 minute sessions where everyone focuses on a specific initiative – and we do things like identifying customers through who aren’t using one of our products, such as online ordering, but who do have a need for it (perhaps they have an online ordering page on their website). Then, based on their health score, are they a good candidate for cross-selling that product? Executive Leadership The team recently delivered an Insights Review that helped us connect the dots between the past three months of churn, and specific activities tied to it. Our executive team loved this, and there is appetite for more! It’s hard to determine whether the macro environment or specific decisions we make are the leading causes of churn, and these types of deep-dive reviews help remove that uncertainty. Share your use cases! I hope this is helpful to those of you who are still determining where and how to take advantage of involve ai. Please share your own use cases here as well! We know that there is more we could be doing and would love advice from others.

Written by Lauren Byrd, Director of Customer Success @ BentoBox


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