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Maximize Revenue Growth with Actionable Insights

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

What if I told you that you could increase the productivity and efficiency of your Customer Success team while cutting your churn by 16% with just a click of a button?

Our team understands that

  • CROs are stressed over stagnant growth due to high churn and missed opportunities.

  • VPs of Customer Success struggle to manage customers progress and use Customer Health Score to the fuller potential

  • And Customer Success representatives are stressed over last-minute firefights to save customers.

Without prescriptive insights on each customer, preventing churn and capturing upsells are nearly impossible.

While the Early Warning Dashboard provides you an overview of all accounts (Customer Health), our latest feature - Actionable Insights, enables your team to dive deep into each account with action items on how to proceed.

Figure 1: Recommended Actions

As a VP of Customer Success or as a CSM, you can now access insights about customers that require immediate attention while managing your top 10 accounts, along with account details, churn/expansion profiles, and recommendations on the next steps.

These Actionable Insights are the accumulation of the most highly trained AI models that analyze 9 different metrics (emails, calls, notes, support tickets, NPS, etc.) and Customer Success best practices to give your team the most accurate and intuitive recommendation to prevent churn and accelerate upsells.

How It Works

1. You will be able to view accounts that require actions within Suggestions.

Figure 2: Insight Dashboard Overview

2. Upon clicking on the card, you can see the following:

  • Insights were generated, along with recommendations on how to address each issue.

  • Section for adding Tasks and Notes relevant to that account.

  • Completed tasks.

  • Dismissed tasks.

Figure 3: Account Details

3. You can convert each insight into a task and track the impact of the action using the customer health score.

Figure 4: Setting Tasks

4. You can move your cards across the following stages:

  • To Do - You are yet to start working on your tasks.

  • In Progress - You have begun working on your tasks.

  • Done - You have completed your tasks.

5. New insights will be regularly generated as updated data is funneled into the dashboard.

Figure 5: Workflow Management

Schedule a 15-minute demo to learn how you can leverage our platform and 5x your revenue growth.


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