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New Workspace Feature: Collaborate and Refer to Notes Faster

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

July is here!

With the summer months upon us, I’m sure we’re all noticing an uptick in automatic email replies saying, “Thank you for your email. I will be out of the office until xyz date.”

Many of us look forward to summer as an opportunity to travel or to take a short break from work and regroup with family. So, what does that mean for the day-to-day of a company?

We can expect operations to get a little slower, maybe a little less prioritized, and slightly more confusing. For those of us who stay back and help cover a coworker's shift/clients/tasks, their notes become the ultimate source of truth.

If I'm helping with a client I usually have no interaction with, I will look at my coworker's notes to get an idea of where they're at and what is currently needed. Of course, everyone takes notes a little differently. I can recall, from my experience, having confused another coworker with my seemingly random abbreviations. "I understand part of your notes," my coworker told a group of us, "but then I get to a random letter 'e.' What does 'e' even mean?" I laughed and couldn't even remember what that abbreviation meant, not without more context, at least.

This is one of the reasons we’re so excited to introduce our new Workspace and Note Templates:

Caption: Workspace Templates

Caption: Notes Templates

We all have some experience working with templates. Templates are great starting points and guard rails for our work; they help simplify our day-to-day and prevent us from needing to reinvent the wheel.

For those familiar with our task manager, Workspaces, we now have six great new templates to help get your projects started:

  1. Customer Onboarding

  2. Customer QBR/EBR

  3. Welcome Board

  4. Growth vs. Churn Risk Customers

  5. Renewals & Referrals

  6. My Task Management

All workspace templates have their own unique columns and info cards that you’ll be able to use to build out your perfect workspace and keep your deliverables focused and on time.

We also have three great new note templates to ensure that your notes and team notes are more standardized. This means headers, bullet points, and breakdowns based on the kind of note you’re taking so that covering a coworker’s shift becomes much more manageable.

Our Workspaces tool is already very collaborative, and our new templates will make that collaboration much smoother. You and your coworkers can reference each other's notes faster and follow up seemingly. And everyone in the company, such as product managers, sales reps, marketing team, etc., will be able to understand the most critical details and desired outcomes.

For anyone already using Workspaces, be sure to login and check out these great new feature additions! For anyone interested in learning more about our task manager that we include as part of our ai-driven customer health dashboard, make sure you check out our free demo here.



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