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Pendo Setup Guide


To connect your Pendo account to Fivetran, you need a Pendo account with Admin privileges and Integration API access.

Setup instructions

Create Integration Key

1. Log in to your Pendo account with an owner/admin role. NOTE: For EU region, go to Pendo EU. For US1 region, go to Pendo US1.

2. From the dashboard, click Settings and then click Integrations.

3. In the Integrations tab, select Integrations Keys and then click Add Integration Key.

4. Write a description in the Description field and select Allow Write Access to give permissions to the Integration Key.

5. Click Create.

6. Make a note of your Integration Key. You will need it to configure Fivetran.

Finish Fivetran configuration

  1. In the connector setup form, enter your Destination schema name.

  2. Depending on your Pendo account, select your Region: Region - US, Region - EU, or Region - US1.

  3. Enter the Integration Key you created in Step 1.

  4. Click Verify to validate the Integration Key.

  5. Select the Sync Mode you'd like to use: Sync All App Ids or Sync Specific App Ids. If you select Sync Specific App Ids, you must also select the App Ids you would like to sync.

  6. Click Save & Test. Fivetran will take it from here and sync your data from your Pendo account.


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