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Retention Strategies from the Top 1% of the Industry with Dustin Whitehead

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Dustin’s life changed in college when he realized his way of dealing with grief and figuring out how to respond to stress, and new environments weren't working. That was a big "lightbulb moment" in his life.

Gravitating toward helping people solve problems with solutions that weren’t obvious to them by figuring out what makes the business tick, Dustin began listening to understand what challenges businesses face and how to overcome them. Saying yes more than saying no has gotten him to the position he is in today.

Dustin Whitehead, Vice President of Sales, joined PartsTrader in 2012 and has led his team running both sales and Customer Success. He leverages years of experience in marketing, sales, management, and tech to provide strategic direction and lead new initiatives.


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