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Snowflake integration and access


This article addresses how to enable Snowflake access for to 1) query the data and 2) view the data.

In order for Snowflake to share data with, a Snowflake administrator/superuser must create a service account or managed account and enable view permissions.

How to Provide Snowflake Access to

Administrators/Superusers can provide access to Snowflake through either 1) service account or 2) managed account creation.

1) Access via Service Account

  1. Navigate to Snowflake

  2. Navigate to IAM (Identity and Access Management) by typing "IAM" into the search bar.

  3. Click on Roles.

  4. Click on the Create Role button.

  5. Assign the AmazonRedshiftReadOnlyAccess role.

2) Access via Managed Account

  1. Navigate to Snowflake.

  2. Locate the database that will provide access to

  3. Use the Create User command to create a new database user.


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