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The Customer Intelligence Community is Here

Updated: May 11, 2022

Welcome to the CI.ty!

We launched the Customer Intelligence Community - the CI.ty - last week! As more organizations realize the untapped value of customer data and work on strategies to unify, analyze, and make decisions based on it, the CI.ty will give our customers, partners, and all CI professionals worldwide a place to seek advice, share their creativity, and consider new use cases.

There is more to the CI.ty than a typical community site, as the name implies. The CI.ty offers a holistic set of resources for customers and the broader public.

The Cafe

Visit the CI.ty Cafe to overhear conversations about Customer Intelligence,, data-driven CX, etc. Speak up when something resonates with you or post your perspective! customers can also ask questions, seek support, and share feedback about their platform.

The Library

The Library hosts product documentation, best practice guidance, and process information. While its primary purpose is to help customers optimize their platform use, others will still find topics of interest, like a better understanding of CI as a concept and ideas for using data to impact specific moments in the customer journey.

This knowledge base will grow over time alongside the field of Customer Intelligence and the expansion of’s platform.


One of the most exciting aspects of the CI.ty is the ability for members to submit and vote on product ideas and enhancements. Sharing and upvoting ideas allows customers and non-customers alike to shape the way meets the maturing needs of CI leaders globally.

CI.ty visitors will need to register or log in to an account to view and post to the Townhall. You do not need to be a customer to register, just someone passionate about shaping how Customer Intelligence can help organizations truly become customer-centric through data!

The News Station is excited to have a location for sharing updates on our roadmap. Most of the product features we build are directly linked to customer feedback, and updates have historically been shared with our stakeholders. With the CI.ty, we can publicly share upcoming features, and our customers, partners, and prospects will know where to watch for updates on what we’re building.

CI.ty visitors will need to register or log in to an account to view and post to the News Station.

Event Center hosts and participates in regular webinars, meetups, and roundtable discussions - the Event Center centralizes these and allows visitors to RSVP and learn more.

Customer Intelligence is having a moment, and the CI.ty is here to support everyone interested in the category - whether you are long-time advocates or just dipping your toes in.

Getting started

A majority of content in the CI.ty is publicly viewable. Still, we encourage visitors to register for an account and log in when you visit, as this will allow you to like, post, and comment and unlock the product roadmap and ideation sections of the site.

And while we fully support users who prefer to view content, those of you, who are willing to share and engage, make the site much more valuable to others, so don’t hesitate. Some posts that might get you started:

All posts are shareable to LinkedIn or other forms of social media.

Please don't forget to bookmark the CI.ty site. We are excited to welcome you to the CI.ty and hope it becomes a place you'll want to visit again and again.


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