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The Customer Success Funnel: Maximizing Value at Every Stage

The customer success funnel is a framework for understanding the stages of the customer journey and the actions needed to drive success at each stage. The stages of the customer success funnel typically include:

  1. Awareness: The awareness stage is the first stage of the customer journey. At this stage, customers are learning about your product or service and determining whether it meets their needs.

  2. Consideration: In the consideration stage, customers are evaluating whether your product or service is the right fit for them.

  3. Evaluation: In the evaluation stage, customers are testing your product or service and gathering more information to help them make a decision.

  4. Purchase: In the purchase stage, customers are making the decision to buy your product or service.

  5. Onboarding: The onboarding stage is the process of introducing customers to your product or service and helping them get started.

  6. Engagement: In the engagement stage, customers are using your product or service and may need support or resources to ensure their Expansion: In the expansion stage, customers may be interested in purchasing additional products or services or increasing their usage of your current product or service.

  7. Advocacy: In the advocacy stage, customers are promoting your product or service to others and becoming brand advocates.



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