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Time is Precious - Use Data to Prioritize it.

Whether it’s because of a move toward more of a “tech-touch” model, a long-tail business model, or a simple matter of being short-staffed, many organizations have Sales, CS, and Support team members that manage a high volume of customers.

They care about their customers and want to do right by them. But there are only so many hours in the day!

If this sounds like you, read on for one approach to solving that problem...

Determine your Why

What is most important to your team and business? Are you more focused on saving customers at risk of churn? Boosting customers toward upsell? Focusing on those in the middle to help them achieve more value? We know: you want to do all of those things. But prioritization starts with determining what’s most important to you.

Know your capacity

Are you typically able to serve ten customers in a day, or three? Think about everything from an in-meeting + follow up, to an internal request on behalf of a customer, to a quick email check in. How many actions, on average, can you realistically achieve in a day?

Set a daily appointment with your Customer Health dashboard

Every morning, check your Customer Health Data dashboard. Set filters so as to view only your active book of business.

Sort your customers in order of health by clicking the up or down arrow on the Customer Health column header.

Then, based on your goals (churn prevention, upsell opportunity, consistent value, or equal balance) and the number of customers you can typically support in a given day, determine which customers to tackle.

Be sure to consider both the customer health score, the percentage increase or drop, and other relevant factors, such as renewal date or size of account.

For example, in the list below, a CSM focused on churn-prevention who knows they can take around three customer actions per day might choose to focus on CVS, Cigna, and Costco over Marathon or General Motors, because they find the percent decrease in health score for those accounts alarming, and / or because the revenue for those accounts is higher.

Example dashboard

Let data tell you what to do!

Once you’ve chosen which customers to prioritize, click the > to the right of each of those customer’s health score to slide out additional details about their health and history, and AI-powered suggestions that you can quickly convert to tasks in your Workspaces.

Take action

Congrats! You’ve just outlined a realistic set of tasks for the day. Now, start checking off those Workspace to-dos, building those relationships, watch your customers’ health scores rise, and wrap up in time for your home-life.

A final note

Take all of this with a grain of salt. There are many ways to adjust the advice above to better fit your role, situation, and work. We’d love to hear whether you are using to prioritize your time and, if so, how?


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