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Top Three Growth Stories Episodes

We've already released 15 Growth Stories Podcast episodes! You won't believe who we have lined up, and we can't wait to share more.

This week, we're doing something different: highlighting our top three episodes. Find a comfy spot, pour a cup of coffee, and get to listening!

Adam Houghton Klue

Adam Houghton is a Customer Success Strategy and Operations leader with 20 years of experience building and scaling pre-and post-sales teams focused on driving retention, net revenue growth, adoption, and operational excellence. “So few decisions are one-way decisions, or what Klue likes to call ‘face tattoos’.”

From Adam’s teaching stint in South Korea, persevering through multiple economic collapses, and his first job at an early-stage tech startup, we hear great stories about what Adam has learned along the way. Adam reminds us not to ignore the importance of Net Retention Revenue (NRR), and if there is one thing to obsess over, it’s leading indicators. Watch the entire episode here.

2. Cathy Gao, Partner at Sapphire Ventures on Breaking Into Tech and Becoming an Investor

Cathy was immersed in Texas culture when she moved from Shanghai to Texas without an ESL teacher to help facilitate the transition. Having that experience had a fundamental affect on her as a person, teaching her to lean into new experiences, and not fear them.

Cathy discusses some of the key differences of being an operator at a growth stage company versus being at a growth stage venture firm, and shares the importance of being scrappy when it comes to getting your foot in the door in venture. “Have a very clear message about why you are interested in venture, why you think you'd be good at venture, and be persistent. It only takes one person to hear you.” Watch the entire episode here.

3. Mike Whitmire, CEO and Co-Founder at FloQast with Creative Advice for Founders

FloQast CEO and Co-Founder Mike Whitmire gives solid advice to first-time founders, "Your business is unique, and as a founder, you know your business better than anybody. Investors will have a lot of great advice, but they also have portfolio bias, so stand strong, be confident, and do what's right for your company."

Hear about Mike's journey through starting FloQast, and how the accounting industry is changing with the current talent crunch. Watch the entire episode here. is the #1 rated Customer Success Platform that gives teams complete visibility into all their customers, allowing them to drive more revenue through smarter renewals and upsells. With the most up-to-date data, recommendations for action & collaboration across the customer journey, teams can proactively deliver an amazing customer experience.

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