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(webinar recap) Strategies to Combat the Economic Downturn

The recession is on everyone's minds, so this opportunity to highlight forward-thinking strategies to combat what may lie ahead has the potential for some much-needed relief!

We had the opportunity to host seasoned CS/CX leaders:'s very own Mary Poppen, Chief Strategy and Customer Officer, alongside Eric Grunden, Chief Customer Officer at MatrixCare, and Wayne McCulloch, Chief Customer Officer at WalkMe™.

In this week's webinar, Adapting to the Changing Marketing: Strategies to Consider, we looked at the best things we can do to change our mindset to be more forward-thinking on how to approach new challenges! Here are a few of the questions that our panelists discussed, but watch the full webinar above so you don't miss any additional information!

Do you think the economic downturn will have a big impact on how Customer Success functions?

It's more important than ever to retain customers and provide value to them. Customer experience is a highly profitable strategy during recession (a recent McKinsey & Company study)! Leveraging this information will help you convince C-level to increase your budget for Customer Success. Don’t get into tunnel vision - think about what could you be doing this time to help your customers.

What’s your strategy in preparing for what’s next? How do we ensure our customers have a very consistent experience?

By understanding your customers, you can leverage the information and insight you have to know what success means. Every customer is unique, just like a snowflake. Be hyper-focused on defined segmentation. What will be your new goal with recession in mind?

How to stay proactive in this market?

Start thinking ahead and get approvals ahead of time. Pre-plan your pricing and incentive strategies so that in the moment you are authorized to help a hurting customer. Doing this builds loyalty for life.

Ways to stay proactive:

  1. Build customer loyalty

  2. Hire CSMs with a high EQ and give them insights

  3. Empower your teams working with customers

  4. The more you can personalize, the more impactful you are to customers

If you enjoyed this webinar, be sure to check back for more exciting webinars every other week! is the industry's best AI-powered Customer Success Platform that gives teams complete visibility into all their customers, allowing them to drive more revenue through smarter renewals and upsells. With the most up-to-date data, recommendations for action & collaboration across the customer journey, teams can proactively deliver an amazing customer experience.

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About Our Speakers

Mary Poppen is the Chief Strategy and Customer Officer at She is responsible for driving the Customer Intelligence category in the market. Mary is building a world-class delivery team focused on helping companies leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to become customer-centric.

As Chief Customer Officer, Eric Grunden is responsible for ensuring all customers receive the award-winning service ResMed SaaS is known for. Eric is responsible for leading all customer facing departments.

Eric has a true heart for service. By working to open free medical clinics that serve those without access to quality medical care across the country, Eric embodies the ResMed culture that care runs deep.

Wayne McCulloch is the Chief Customer Officer at WalkMe™ with experience across all aspects of the Customer Experience (CX) Journey (onboarding, adoption, retention, expansion and advocacy).

Previously, Wayne was responsible for Customer Success of the entire Google Clouds SaaS portfolio including Workspace (formally GSuite), Looker, Apigee and Chronicle.

Shashi Bellamkonda is the VP of Marketing at He is known by many as the “social media swami”, and is a marketing leader who has worked with many entrepreneurs and local businesses and taught Digital Marketing Strategy and Marketing Analytics at Georgetown University as an adjunct professor. Shashi has been called the most customer-obsessed marketing leader and continues to educate himself on technology.

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