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Updated: Apr 4, 2023 uses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict your customer behavior so that you can retain customers and close more deals.

What does do & how does it do it?

  • Unifies customer data to give you one source of truth and insights.

  • Uses AI to identify at-risk accounts and upsell/cross-sell opportunities so teams can prioritize their accounts and grow your NRR & GRR.

Read how TrustArc grew its GRR from 75% to 89% by identifying and saving its at-risk revenue.

Who uses

  • Leadership teams to forecast customer revenue, allocate resources, and support internal teams with data-driven decisions.

  • Customer Success Managers who prioritize saving at-risk accounts to protect their book of business.

  • Renewal Teams & Account Managers looking to renew existing accounts and maximize new upsell/cross-sell revenue.

Read how other teams use across departments by reading BentoBox’s customer story.

What’s’s biggest differentiator? can predict your customer behavior with 70% accuracy to start and 90%+ after just a few months. Our patent-pending AI models have been trained with millions of data points to identify churn and expansion signals within your customer accounts.’s superpower lies in our ability to unify your data, clean it, deduplicate it, and run the best predictive analytics available today.

Additionally, can pull in more metrics and remove human biases in determining your customer health by letting the AI tell us the metrics most impactful for your specific customers & customer segments.

How helps:

  • Data unification and transparency into customer accounts

  • Predictive analytics to forecast revenue and allocate resources

  • Identifying churn signals and buying signals within customers to be more proactive instead of reactive

  • Enables organizations to scale and manage growing accounts through AI-lead prioritization and insights

Read data insights we’ve found for customers.



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