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Predict the Unpredictable

How PulsePoint leverages’s 9Factor Model to foster growth

Who is PulsePoint?

PulsePoint is an advanced data and technology company breaking new ground with programmatic solutions for healthcare organizations to personalize information and improve outcomes. They are leading a revolution in radical health personalization to help organizations improve how they provide care, education, and support to people when they need it most.

Inconsistent Revenue Growth

PulsePoint didn’t have an early warning system to predict high-risk customers. The customer data scattered across systems made churn and expansion hard to manage. In addition, PulsePoint was looking for a solution that could better determine customer health and capture a comprehensive view of customer profiles. The current health system couldn’t fully reflect customer sentiments due to the lack of data unification and insights. As a result, poor emphasis on the wrong customer has become a significant concern. The team needed to take action before this issue escalated further. 


Streamline Workflow And Create Synergy uses the 9Factor Model combined with industry best practices to capture both qualitative and quantitative value to give PulsePoint the most accurate prediction of which customers might renew, churn, or grow. This implementation unifies all data and makes insights more accessible for the entire team, strengthening their overall CS effort.


In addition, team members also get a detailed action plan for every account shared across the board. The complete transparency enables CS reps to work together more effectively, share resources, and assist each other.’s real-time dashboard empowers CS reps to take action as they know which account to focus on and when to upsell. 


9Factor Model ensures all data is captured and analyzed so that CS leaders can concentrate on topline revenue growth and reps can execute more efficiently. In short, the Early Warning Dashboard helps PulsePoint proactively reduce churn, streamline workflow, and foster team synergy at Pulsepoint. 



The 9Factor Model measures:

  • Product Usage

  • NPS/CSAT (net promoter score/customer satisfaction)

  • Interaction Frequency

  • Support Tickets

  • The severity of Support Tickets

  • Upsells/Downsells

  • Customer Maturity

  • Customer Lifecycle

  • Renewal Sentiment

  • Customer Owner Pulse

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