Finding Key Insights: SureFire Local drastically improve customer success with

Who is SureFire Local?

Surefire Local provides local marketing software for small businesses helping them attract customers, grow profits, and maximize efficiency. Through its flagship product, Surefire Local Marketing Platform™, small businesses can easily take control of their online presence, execute hyper-local campaigns and gain real-time visibility into marketing channels that provide the greatest rate of return. SureFire Local has a team of 50 members and over 2000 customers!

The Missing Piece

Surefire had deployed a Customer Success tool, but the platform couldn’t provide the deep intelligence needed for advanced notice of risk and expansion opportunities. SureFire missed out on valuable insights to understand product usage, identify at-risk accounts early, and get customers on the right track across franchises without complete visibility into the customer journey. SureFire found churn and the lack of automation to be their biggest challenges. SureFire needed a smart way to understand their customers, streamline their processes, improve efficiencies, and boost Net Retention Revenue by over 100%.

Completing the Puzzle provided SureFire with a Customer Intelligence engine to power true insights. For the first time, SureFire could get a personalized and holistic view of all customers’ health across franchises and portfolios. 


More excitingly, SureFire learned that 

  1. Active and happy customers are 5 times more likely to attend meetings with Customer Success teams and 2 times more likely to create blog posts than at-risk ones. 

  2. Customers with 6 or more support tickets of high severity signal a churn risk 

  3. Reputation page visits are also the early signs of churn or downsell.


Such intelligence has helped SureFire’s management team strategize priority action across all GTM functions, provide unique insights and recommended actions for over 2000 accounts, and improve overall product adoption. Such that, SureFire could identify growth opportunities, reduce expenses, and capture upsells more effectively. 


Having access to actionable insights has significantly improved SureFire’s process efficiency as well as their revenue retention.