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Predicting the Future: 
How Symplr leverages to unlock prescriptive customer insights

Who is Symplr?

As the leader in healthcare operations solutions anchored in governance, risk management, and compliance, Symplr enables enterprise customers to efficiently navigate the unique complexities of integrating critical business operations in healthcare. Symplr is the only end-to-end provider data management solution in all of healthcare. 


For over 30 years, healthcare organizations have trusted Symplr expertise and depended on their provider data management, compliance, quality, and safety solutions to help drive better operations for better outcomes.

The Siloed Data

The biggest obstacles for Symplr were visibility and growth opportunity. Although the company had been in acquisition mode in the past few years, the new contracts couldn’t make up for the revenue lost due to high churn. This happened because Symplr’s customer data was disparate across Excel spreadsheets and Salesforce, while their process in getting insights was manual.


This process led their team into a reactive mode and often had to rely on gut feelings to make decisions. Such that the customer that made the most noise gets the attention. This wasn’t an ideal strategy nor an effective method to grow the company. Ultimately, Symplr’s main objectives were to understand business impacts on customer relationships and have a holistic view of customer health to proactively reduce churn.


Connect. Unify. Grow

To get started,’s Customer Intelligence model pulled and mapped out all customer data across Symplr’s system to create a holistic view of all accounts. This process runs automatically and continuously to ensure Symplr always gets the most up-to-date dashboard. As CS leaders, these dashboard acts as a single source of truth to help them foster a data-driven culture, strategize growth plan, manage team performance while keeping track of top accounts.


On another note, the insights serve as daily tasks for CS reps with detailed information and recommended actions, including whom to talk to, what to do, and how they can best optimize the process. CS reps can solely focus on interacting with customers and take the customer experience to the next level.


As the team interacts and gives feedback to the system, the AI model becomes more accurate and efficient. Reportedly, Symplr nearly tripled in revenue growth 3 months after implementations. Their Customer Intelligence model also achieved over 90%  accuracy in prediction and recommendations during the same period. Overall, the Symplr team utilizes to gain more visibility and transparency to unlock revenue opportunities from all customer accounts. 

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