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How helps Bentobox maximize growth opportunities

Who is Bentobox?

BentoBox is a company developing a hospitality platform. It offers tools that drive revenue directly through the restaurant's website. The company operates as a horizontal website builder and serves such needs as the sale of online gift cards and menu management tools. BentoBox is trusted and loved by over 7,000 restaurants worldwide, including Union Square Hospitality Group, Eleven Madison Park, Artichoke Basille's Pizza, Atelier Crenn, and more.

The Reactive Firehouse

One of the biggest challenges for Bentobox was to build a predictable post-sales funnel. The management team wanted to proactively reduce churn and have a deeper understanding of where their customers tend to fallout throughout their journey. These insights would be extremely powerful and enable Bentobox to strategize and allocate budget more efficiently. 

At the ground level, Customer Success Managers needed a tool that unifies their customer data and compiles a list of churn/expansion accounts to target.  The current process was time-consuming and inefficient. It’d take them hours to find relevant information for each account. And when things got escalated, CSMs often found out too late and lost the customer.


The Recipe For Growth became the most trusted Customer Intelligence Platform for Bentobox. The Early Warning Dashboard gives top management great insights on customer trends and behaviors across products and throughout the journey.

The company has become more data-driven and is able to allocate budgets more confidently.

For example, conducted cohort analysis on Bentobox’s data and uncovered a churn profile with these early indicators:

  1. Interaction (emails & calls): the volume of interactions is 30% lower for churned accounts with an average of 15 times over 12 months.

  2. Product type: Bentobox’s premium product has the highest churn across the product portfolio.

  3. Setup fees: accounts with higher setup fees tend to stay longer


While Customer leaders get the overview of all accounts, Customer team members get access to the centralized dashboard that offers all the detail needed to take action. They no longer had to go on various platforms such as Salesforce, Zendesk, and Snowflake, etc., to pull data. Especially with the Kanban view of Actionable Insights, each account representative can quickly see their top focus for the day, which accounts are in good shape, and who they should get in touch with. The breakdown of emails and recommended actions enable the team to strategically follow up and ensure the best possible outcome. has significantly improved Bentobox’s workflow efficiency and predictability. As a result, Bentobox has seen a significant drop in its churn rate and a huge boost in revenue growth over the integration period. Proactively preventing churn and capturing upsell opportunities have become easier and more effective. The team’s main objective, now, is to scale.  

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