The customer intelligence you need to prevent churn and accelerate revenue

Predict your customer’s next move with AI trained from 120 million data points — not opinion or “gut”.

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How it works

In less than two weeks, we’ll have your early warning system live:

1. AI unifies your data

Within 7 days, all of your disparate and messy data is unified by our proprietary AI. No tedious field mapping, and no coding.


2. 9Factor™ AI models identify risk

Within 14 days, our 9Factor™ AI models will deliver the most complete, accurate and predictive customer risk profile available on the market.

3. Take action to prevent churn

The day we go live, your team will leverage their Early Warning Dashboard to view risk and prioritize, then take the directed actions to prevent churn. 


The Early Warning Dashboard

Your team doesn't need another clunky workflow tool. 
They need prioritization, actionable data, and automated workflows.

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Usable from the first moment, your team will see where to focus so they can prevent churn and pinpoint expansions  — in minutes not weeks.


You can see trends, potential problems, new opportunities, and send recommendations to your frontline customer success managers.

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Combining industry best practices with the latest in artificial intelligence, our SmartFlowsTM automate actions to get your at risk clients back on track. 


Say goodbye to building tedious reports. Our algorithms continuously optimize top line and client-specific reports to keep operations, leadership, and managers aligned. 


We know your customer data is sacred. 
That’s why security is our #1 priority.


Involve is built on a secure architecture and hosted only in the United States.


By default, all data is encrypted at rest and in transit for all our customers.


No customer data is ever commingled, with unique instances for every client.


Your data is protected using key management services with strong audit logs.


Only authorized people have access to data using features like Single Sign-On.


All sensitive data is encrypted and tokenized before running any machine learning on it.

Onboarding is a breeze, and teams love


CSAT of 97%+
NPS of 78

Our NPS is +36 points over the average B2B software NPS of 42.


Onboard in under
one week

We have 99% of team members onboarded in 5.6 days.

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Unlimited training
and support

Teams typically are fully running after one quick session.

Involve-homepage-Why-involve-circle.png is your enterprise ready solution:

Access Controls

Admins can restrict access so customer data insights are limited to users with a need to access. 

Scalability and Uptime

Our dynamic servers scale as needed and we have at least 99.5% uptime to-date, so you can count on to be available when you need it. 

Single Sign On

Enable single sign on to manage access and security from a centralized login infrastructure. 

Audit Logs

See a detailed audit trail for every activity as needed, to ensure your data is being accessed according to company policy.

SOC 2 Certified achieves key compliance controls and objects to ensure the security, confidentiality, and privacy of your data. 


SOC 2 Certified meets the most important compliance standards to ensure our security model meets and exceeds the needs of our customers.