Transform Your Customer Data into Revenue Retention and Growth is the only Early Warning System that gives teams complete visibility into all their customers, allowing them to drive more revenue through smarter renewals & upsells.

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How works

We help you capture and analyze customer interactions to alert you of churn risks and expansion opportunities.


Become truly customer-centric

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360 Customer Health

The platform automatically integrates with 176 of the most common software platforms to ensure that all of your data is unified, delivering personalized recommendations
for actions.

Actionable Customer Health Scores in Just Days

Harness the true power of Artificial Intelligence using our 90% accurate 9Factor™ model to analyze your qualitative & quantitative customer data.

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Prioritize Your Customer Engagement Every Day

Accesses intuitive, dynamically updated customer health scores to know exactly where to focus daily efforts. And actionable insights show teams how to prevent churn, pinpoint expansion, and drive revenue growth.

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The platform has been AICPA SOC2 certified by meeting the most stringent compliance standards possible, ensuring that your data is always completely safe.

Your Data is 100% Safe

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Data-driven Actionable Insights to Ensure Every Customer’s Success

Instantly recognize customer trends, expose potential problems, uncover revenue opportunities, and send data-backed success recommendations to your frontline Customer Success Managers.

Automated Workflows and Playbooks

SmartFlows automate the next best actions by combining industry best practices and benchmarking with workflow automation tools.

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Powerful Reporting at Every Level

Forecast data at the board level. Slice and dice reports by team, geography, product, or CSM to always know and communicate customer KPIs.

Work Across the Entire Customer Journey

Collaborate across the entire customer journey, from onboarding to adoption, scaling health customers, or firefighting at-risk customers. 

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Your customer data is sacred, that’s why security is our #1 priority

Totally Secure

The platform is
built on a completely secure architecture and hosted only
in the United States.


Your data is protected using key management services with strong audit logs.

Fully Encrypted

By default, all data is
encrypted at rest and in
transit for all our customers.


Only authorized people have access to data using features like Single Sign-On.

100% Private

No customer data is ever commingled, with unique instances for every client.


All sensitive data is encrypted and tokenized before running any machine learning on it.





Over Industry Average



Most teams are up and running after just one session

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Single Sign On

Scalability & Uptime

A standardized, centralized login infrastructure to manage access and ensure  security. 

99.5%+ uptime to-date with dynamically scaling servers so you can count on your dashboard being available whenever you need it. 

Access Controls

Fully Audited

Admins easily ensure that customer data insights are limited to only the users with a need. 

Detailed audit trails for every activity ensure your data is being accessed according to company policy.

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