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How to get customer data together in the first 60 days for a new CRO?

The current customers are who will be your first priority when it comes to a board meeting coming up in 30-60 days. You want the challenges from renewal teams and shared concerns across all parts of this organization, like customer satisfaction scores or conversion rates for online orders that need improving on; you can use these as points towards successful retention strategies!

Just looking at support tickets or NPS scores in isolation may not tell you the right story.

  • The first 30 to 60 days are not enough time for a massive implementation project.

  • It is complicated to add a new system of record

  • It is too early for a massive implementation plan with tech resources needed to integrate and connect with existing data sources

  • The organization may not have data science resources to create a customer cohort that identifies the customer segment that stays the longest and spends the most's solution for newly appointed CROs, CEO, VP of Sales, and Success

  • Solve churn without a lot of internal overhead

  • is a much lighter data science approach to getting customer insights quickly

  • Time to value in terms of variability not to have to stand up a new system, but rather repurpose data from existing systems and data sources. This is monumental for new CROs. It just lessens the load.

  • Be up and running in 30 days. Get your customer cohort and segmentation within 30 days of onboarding

  • We have integrations with over 140 solutions that need a very low touch from your tech team - Salesforce, Netsuite, Pendo, Domo, Snowflake, and many more

  • With product marketing managers who are really interested in the insights can get the data not just by account but by product and report real metrics around churn

  • Get board meeting-ready reports

Talk to us about how you can get customer data quickly, easily, and without much effort.



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