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New Feature Alert: Outcomes > Health Scores

Updated: Mar 29

Health Scores to Outcomes

What these new categories mean, and what’s changed?

Health Score to Renewal & Upsell Indexes

Instead of assigning customers a score, is now assigning them their likely outcome. This makes it easier to interpret what action is needed for a particular set of customers instead of interpreting what a number may or may not mean.

Current dashboard

New dashboard

Replacing the health score column will be 3 new ones: Renewal Index, Upsell Index, and Previous Period.

Your Renewal Index will show you one of these 4 categories depending on what that particular customer’s data is showing:

Likely to Renew

Likely to Churn


At Risk

Your Upsell Index will separately show you if that customer is likely to upsell.

Likely to upsell

Not likely to upsell

The Previous Period column will show you any changes or progress with that customer.

For example,

means that this customer has gone from watch to likely to upsell.

Another example:

this set of icons show that your customer has gone from watch to likely to churn.

Will this change affect my process/outreach?

The goal is to actually make the user process easier. Instead of needing to remember that a customer with a health score of 75-100% is likely to upsell, our platform is telling you directly. Instead of needing to remember that anything at or below a 24% health score is likely to churn, you will readily see Likely to Churn for that customer instead.

What else is changing on the dashboard because of this health score split and the new categorizations?

  • Additional details, General Info: Clicking into each customer’s additional details icon > will now show you their status at the top.

Along with an updated health graph to showcase that customer’s history.

  • Filters: You will now be able to filter based on the categories in your renewal index, instead of varying health score ranges.

  • Additional Details, Prediction Accuracy Feedback: When you click the > for additional customer details and submit your feedback for model prediction accuracy, you will now see those different categories to help pinpoint your feedback better, instead of a numerical range.

  • Health Score Ingredients to Leading Indicators: The content in your Health Score Ingredients page will not be changing- yet. However, as we move toward identifying even more insights within your data on the platform directly, this page’s name will be updated to Leading Indicators.

  • Writebacks: What will happen if I am writing back info from to my CRM/CS Platform of record? At this time, if you currently have health scores written back to a CRM like Salesforce and you use that score in reporting or other areas, you will not see any changes with this new feature.

  • Customer Owner Pulse: Updated to reflect the new categories:

  • Reports: Reporting will remain the same for the time being.

  • Summary Emails: Your new summary emails will shift from showcasing a change in health score percentage to what customers are in each of the new categories.

The shift from health scoring to predictive outcomes will help make it easier for teams to plan and execute their customer retention strategies. Instead of assigning a numerical value that may be interpreted differently from person to person and vary vastly across organizations, will now focus users solely on their predictive outcome to improve revenue and drive results.


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