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Smartflows - Automation for proactive teams

Automation to support team success

Last week, rolled out a beta version of its new automation feature, Smartflows! This eagerly anticipated feature allows users to identify triggers in their data. For example, a drop in sentiment or product usage can trigger an alert to customer-facing teams to run established plays.

Due to the predictive nature of our machine learning models, this automation will give teams an even greater ability to be proactive, prescriptive, and personalized partners for their customers!

How Smartflows automation will help organizations take the right actions at the right time.

Smartflows will help organizations track the most important metrics and indicators to address individual customer concerns or opportunities as soon as possible. Consider just a few ways automated alerts and actions, based on predictive analytics, might allow for a more personalized experience for your customers:

  • Rather than setting an arbitrary survey cadence, Smartflows can alert CSMs to send a survey as a result of a specific behavior or task.

  • When support tickets arise for a particular customer’s end users, the CS team could be alerted to reach out to the key contact to understand underlying enablement needs.

  • When customer sentiment hits an upper threshold, the sales team could get an alert to run an upsell motion for that particular customer rather than testing the waters with customers over time.

In short, Smartflows will help teams standardize and scale their processes by tying triggers to corresponding actions. In addition, Smartflows will monitor and alert users to significant data changes so that customer-facing teams can spend their energy on what matters: action.

What’s next for data automation?

We released Smartflows (and will continue to roll it out) in a way that complements’s other features. For example, with the recent Health Score Ingredients rollout, users can identify which customer behaviors have the highest correlation to health and retention. That knowledge will allow them to set triggers and actions based on those behaviors to have the highest impact.

Similarly, one of the automated actions supported by Smartflows is to create a card in Workspaces, the task management part of the platform. If customer teams use a different system of action, like Salesforce or Gainsight, those tasks can be written back to those platforms.

At this time, only beta users are testing Smartflows, but we will be rolling it out to our entire customer base in the weeks ahead and are eager to show it off to anyone considering our early warning system. Book time to learn more about and our data automation. We can’t wait to wow you!



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