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Google Sheets & CSVs Documentation

As a primary resort, connecting directly to the available integrations is best. However, suppose an integration is needed, and it does not already integrate or push back data to one of those available integrations. In that case, we can explore exporting your data to a google sheet or CSV to pull it into the dashboard.

You can upload CSVs on an Amazon S3 bucket and integrate with We would recommend you share at least one year of historical data so we can generate trends around your customer behavior.

Please note: CSVs would need to be updated on a daily/weekly basis at your end to ensure the data stays up to date and we can continue to update data trends.

Google Sheets & CSVs

Sheet requirements for successful data pulls:

  • One tab only. If multiple tabs are needed, instead, create multiple sheets

  • Ensure there are no formula fields

  • No merged cells

  • Ensure no columns or rows are frozen

  • No filters in the sheet uses Fivetran to connect and pull data into the platform.

Google Sheets - Fivetran video & documentation

CSV upload to S3 - Fivetran video & documentation


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