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WalkMe Integration with Webhooks

Add your WalkMe data to your dashboard by leveraging Webhooks.

What are Webhooks & Why use them?

Webhooks is a direct integration for both WalkMe and, making it simple to push your data from WalkMe to your dashboard, by first pushing your data to a specific Webhooks URL.


  • Login to

  • Visit the Integrations page

  • Search for Webhooks

  • Click Connect

  • This will take you to the following page, click Continue:

  • You will then be able to select the site you’d like to use to host your Webhooks URL & data. You can select whatever container/platform you have an account with or you can request that the to set this part up for you:

  • In this same page, you can select None for the The authentication mechanism you want to use question

  • In this same page, copy your Secrets key for reference and safekeeping

  • Click Save & Test

  • You will then be able to login to the container/platform you selected to find your Webhooks URL. Example, if Fivetran was used, you can search for the new Webhook & copy your Webhook URL:

  • Once you have your Webhooks URL (which to recap, can help you get setup, if needed), you now need to add that URL to your WalkMe account.

  • Login to WalkMe

  • Click on Integrations

  • Select Webhooks

  • Add your URL to the popup window:

  • Additional details: -- Destination Platform Name can be or whatever name may be easiest for you to help you identify the reason for this Webhook setup. -- Request type: POST -- Authorization Type: No Auth -- Headers: Content-Type: application/json

  • Click Save

For more information on how WalkMe integrates with Webhooks, visit their how-to guide here.


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